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Undercover Santa -- Wendy Davy
Undercover Santa

A Dad For Christmas -- Wendy Davy
A Dad for Christmas

Undercover Justice -- Wendy Davvy
Undercover Justice

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Summer's Flame

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A Dad for Christmas -- Wendy Davy



A Dad for Christmas

Tis the season for unexpected gifts.

High school teacher Reed Mason wants a family to call his own. When his prayers seem to remain unanswered, he expects to spend Christmas alone working on home improvement projects. But plans change when a chance encounter with a child's letter to God touches his heart. Inspired to help someone in need, Reed sets his sights on assisting his beautiful new neighbor.

Independent-minded widow and single mom Emma Richards wants a fresh start. When she moves to Shenandoah Valley with her son, she expects to handle life's challenges on her own. But plans change when her handsome neighbor takes a sudden interest in her well-being.

As Reed maneuvers his way into her heart, Emma sets out to discover his true intentions.

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“I’ve got this.” Reed reached around her, grasped the lights and secured them to a hook high above. The movement pressed his chest to her back. His warmth seeped through her coat, and she had the urge to lean into him.

Giving in to temptation she did lean back. But he stepped away at the same time and she met air where his body had just been. She took a step back to catch herself and her shoe caught on an uneven porch board. Flailing backwards, she tumbled off the steps. Reed lunged for her. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he twisted and they fell together. She landed on top of him in the flowerbed.

Emma lost her breath. Whether from the fall or being slammed so intimately against Reed, she didn’t know. She’d seen this scenario play out in romance movies where the guy catches the girl and keeps her from harm. Then, they have a sizzling moment where they both realize they were made for each other. But real life wasn’t quite so romantic; real life involved pain receptors.

She caught her breath.“Are you OK?”

Reed didn’t answer. Didn’t move.

“Oh, no. I’ve killed him.” Except, she hadn’t. His breath skimmed her cheek, and a deep rumble of laughter rose up inside his chest. She placed hands on either side of him and lifted in time to see his dimples appear with his smile.

“You sure know how to make an impression on a guy. I can’t remember the last time a woman threw herself at me. Or rather, on me.”

Emma scrambled off him. “That was not me flirting with you, just so you know.”
He propped up on his elbows. “Good, because a guy could get hurt sweeping you off your feet.”

A leaf had stuck in his hair and she plucked it out. “Keep that in mind if you ever decide to ask me out.”

His gaze locked with hers and they both sobered. An electric pulse passed between them. Or at least on Emma’s side it did.


Tingles went up her spine at the way he said her name, as if it meant something to him; as if she meant something to him.


Reed swallowed. “Have you dated anyone since losing your husband?”

She shook her head. “No.”

“Have you considered dating again?”

Maybe he had felt the spark. She gathered her courage and whispered, “Not until I met you.”



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