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Undercover Santa -- Wendy Davy
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ISBN: 1-60154-323-9
Available in Digital and Print Format


A Matter of Trust--Out now

Federal Agent James Montgomery is used to getting what he wants. Right now, he wants to find out what Victoria Connor knows about her grandfather's illegal activities. Prepared to do whatever it takes, he plunges into her life with single-minded determination, intent on gaining the trust she is so reluctant to give. But, when his compassionate suspect challenges him to face the past that still haunts him, he discovers he has much more to learn from her than he first assumed.

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"Am I under interrogation?" James stood and sauntered over to stand in front of her. He
placed one hand on the post beside her head, leaned in close to her and asked slowly,
deeply, "Is it just me you don't trust, or is it all men?" He met her eyes and held them

Victoria found the sudden need to swallow. She wanted to turn and leap over the railing
to get away. However, knowing how silly that would look, she stood her ground. "At the
moment, just you."

"Well then, I'll have to give you a reason to trust me won't I?" He leaned forward a bit
more, his lips inches from hers...

"I want to kiss you." His eyes trailed down the length of her face to land on her lips.

"And I always get what I want," he said in a low whisper.



"A Matter of Trust is Wendy Davy's first release. It is an intricate tale that leads you down one path only to find yourself at the end of another. What actions are unforgivable? A lot of us feel that we are very forgiving people, but just where do you draw the line at property, body or heart? Who does it hurt more to hold a grudge you or the person you are angry at? I have to say that I greatly appreciate any book that makes me take a look at my own values and sense of justice. It is not often that you find one that is both entertaining and well written and that doesn't preach. Also with the plot twists you never really guess who the bad guy is until the end when you realize you should have seen it coming. All in all this an excellent first release for Ms. Davy, watch for her second next month." ~ Valerie ~ Manic Readers

"This is the first book I have read by Wendy Davy and I have to say that I would look for more of her books as she writes very well and her plot line keeps the reader hooked."

"It is worth treating yourself to this one..."
~A Romance Review ~ Mary

"Wendy Davy's debut novel is a poignant and charming story of forgiveness and the
powerful love of family and friends...all while keeping the pages turning with suspense
and mystery. Set in a small-town, beautiful country-home-by-the-lake, we follow
"Gramps" and Victoria Connor as they work to take care of each other and the land others have reason to want. The relationship between grandfather and granddaughter is touching and adorably written as each is trying their best to look out for the other.
When James Montgomery walks into their lives and threatens to steal Victoria's bruised
and guarded heart there is some serious friction between he and Victoria - situations of
hilarity, conflict and, of course, romance! These eventually result in some serious
examinations of memory, emotion and the power to forgive. The way those points of forgiveness are written are what make this book so powerful - it's not just a really entertaining story, but it also challenges you to reflect on your own life."
~Novel Editions ~ Molly Kozera