Undercover Santa -- Wendy Davy
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Undercover Santa -- Wendy Davy
Undercover Santa

A Dad For Christmas -- Wendy Davy
A Dad for Christmas

Undercover Justice -- Wendy Davvy
Undercover Justice

Summer's Flame
Summer's Flame

Flirting with Danger -- Wendy Davy
Flirting with Danger

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New Beginnings--Out Now!

Security expert Adam Peyton wants a second chance with the woman who captured his heart and walked away with it several months ago. When he agrees to be her bodyguard on a Caribbean cruise, he takes the opportunity to do much more than just protect her.

When the man who has been haunting Cora Andrews' dreams for months walks back into her life, she must choose to release the pride holding them apart, or risk losing him forever.

Will Adam have the new beginning with Cora he has been praying for?

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nightowl"I really enjoyed this Inspirational Romance and I couldn’t wait to see how Ms. Davy would end her story. I found myself wanting things to work out between Cora and Adam and I had hoped that she wouldn’t turn him away again. He seemed like a decent, honorable gentleman and I felt they belonged together in the end. I understood why Cora acted the way she did when they first dated and when she found out the truth about Adam, but I had hoped that she would get past that this time around. I wanted her to listen to what her heart was truly saying about her feelings regarding Adam. I’m new to Ms. Davy and her writing, but I’m definitely a fan now!"~ Night Owl Romance

"...Well written and an enjoyable way to spend some of your reading time." ~ Orchid ~ LASR reviews