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Undercover Santa -- Wendy Davy
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You Can't Hide


You Can't Hide July, 2013

Cara Dalton lives a normal, routine life until her first daring adventure lands her in imminent danger. Mistaken as a witness to a brutal crime, she becomes the target of a ruthless drug smuggler who is willing to stop at nothing to silence her. Now, she must place her safety in the hands of a wounded stranger.

Undercover agent Gage McKenna knows all too well the dangers Cara is up against. Recovering from a life altering injury—inflicted by the same man who now hunts Cara—Gage faces an uncertain future of his own.

As Gage and Cara team up to fight this highly motivated killer, they must learn to rely on each other or risk losing it all.

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“Don’t ask me to do this.” Gage McKenna gripped  the cellphone tight against his ear. “I’m in no shape to protect anyone.”

“I don’t believe that. Besides, you’ve been holed up on Cedar Island long enough.” Jonas Dalton’s voice came through clear.

“You don’t understand.”

“I do understand. I was in Colombia when it all went down, remember? You’d be dead if it weren’t for me.”

Gage cringed and dragged a hand down his whiskered face. “I can’t believe you’re playing that card.”

“Believe it, pal. This is personal. My sister’s life is in danger.”

“Why don’t you protect her yourself?”

“I’ve got to get back to Colombia before my cover’s blown. I need you to take her in ASAP.” 

“Why me?”

“I don’t trust anyone else.”

Gage stood, testing his strength. Searing pain shot up his left leg, and he fought to keep a moan from escaping his lips. He wasn’t ready to protect anyone, no matter what Jonas said. “I want to be left alone.”

“Why? So you can pity yourself to death? It’s time you come back to the land of the living.” 
His friend might have a point, but he didn’t like it.  “I’m not leaving Cedar Island.” 
“I’m not asking you to.”

Gage tensed. “No way. She’s not coming here.”  Not to his sanctuary. With only a handful of houses  remaining on the Eastern Shore barrier reef island, he  was virtually alone, and he liked it that way.

“Do you think I have other options?” Jonas’s tone  took on a heightened sense of urgency. Normally calm  and cool under pressure, that could only mean one thing—this situation must be serious.


"You Can't Hide had me hooked from the very beginning and didn't let me go until the last page was turned. It was like watching an intense movie where you find yourself wringing your hands and taking quick breaths. All the characters were fully fleshed out, including the ruthless drug runner. Gage is a tough yet gentle, closed-off hero. Cara is a sweet heroine who also has a bit of sass. It made for a wonderful combination and I loved the chemistry between them. I also liked how the author showed that even though bad stuff happens to us, God is still there watching out for us..."  ~ Sherry ~ Love 2 Read Novels

"You Can't Hide is another nail biter from Wendy Davy, and in several key spots, my palms were sweating and my tummy clenching... It's the perfect size to finish in an afternoon, but really a fantastic read for anytime!" ~ Dora Hiers (Inspirational Romance Author)

"You Can’t Hide is a suspenseful thriller that will keep you quickly turning the pages. This is only the first of Ms. Davy’s books that I’ve read but it certainly won’t be the last. Within this book there are many smaller lessons including how God can turn even the worst circumstances into victory, overcoming self-pity when God doesn’t answer prayers the way we would hope, facing fears, and resting in the protection that only God can provide. I enjoyed the way the characters prayed simple, yet honest prayers and how convincing the storyline was from beginning to end.  This action packed story kept my interest throughout and did not disappoint." ~ Sharee (Book Club Network)